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Occasionally, I see photos that are “funny” in the “cute” contests and “cute” pics in the “funny” contests. May I suggest that your contests be required to have a written sign (NOT typed OVER the photo using computer software) but actually IN the photo, so that  we all know that the entered photos are not just being “borrowed”  from the internet belonging to someone else?

I was pleasantly relieved when judges became involved to chose the actual winner of the highest rated photos. It’s quite obvious that MANY of the “winning” photos are undoubtedly winning because of family and friends. 

One last thing I’d like to mention. On your site, it says that if there is more than one vote on the same photo from the same computer IP address, then those votes are removed and the photo is disqualified.  I tested this at my local library, chose the current highest rated photo (I know, how cruel, but it was one of those photos that seemed to be “questionably” winning) and then voted about 15 times for it from the exact same computer, yet oddly, it STILL WON!  I wanted to know, if possible, how this photos still ended up winning when it  should have been “disqualified”?!?!?  [Editor’s Note: The photo is not disqualified — only the votes]  What do you do if someone sees that their photo isn’t quite winning and does this to disqualify the highest rated photo?

I feel that it should be YOUR panel of judges deciding who wins 100% on every contest. (Or, at LEAST make the judging 50/50..and do not “disqualify” the photos that get tons of votes from one IP address, but instead just remove all of those extra votes from that one IP address.  SEA, Madison

Photos 17X and 26X … are these suppose to be in the CUTE contest? 17X should be in the GROSS contest and 26X would have a GREAT chance at winning if it was in the FUNNY contest. It’s unfair that it’s not in the funny area…I won’t vote for it as being cute.   Tammy Scuba, Richville
VOTES   –  July 2, 2007

I think that you should have your own panel of judges to vote on the pics, because some people don’t have friends or family to vote on there pics, and I don’t think it’s fair. I think some of the pics are quite funny and most of the ones that win are not, and that is probably because they have there friends and family voting, like I said some people don’t have anyone. Have your own judges and I think it would be fair, don’t you? A.M.,  Florida
PHOTOA6 – July 2, 2007
I love the expression on the face of the toddler sitting in the toilet 一Photo A6. I would love to know
the story behind that photo.
JUDGES- June 24, 2007
Without judges it’d be a popularity contest without any merit basis at all. Well, | guess it’d also be a
measure of how good an organizer the photographer is at getting acquaintances to vote. Hey, for
500 bucks vou’d have money to pay people to vote for you.
VOTES – June 13.2007
I think the judges are important Some of us havea life and can’t spend the day surfing the net to
solicit votes in lots of chat rooms for our photos. And often the photos with the most votes are not
even the best anwwav. PL New York NY
SACHA BARON COHEN – June 12, 2007
I love this contest. It is so exciting that Sacha Baron Cohen is involved !!!! Marge, Ohio
VOTES – June 7, 2007
I think there should be no judges for the funny and cute photo contests. The photos that receive the
most votes and end up in first place should receive the prizes. California

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