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Welcome to This website has been created for your enjoyment and as you browse through the pages, we hope the photographs bring a smile to your face or perhaps a chuckle or even a laugh.

If you like taking photos, you may want to enter our photo contests and submit your best photographs. This may be your lucky day. So grab your camera, whether it’s an old favorite stand-by, a new digital camera, or merely a throw-way camera, and begin shooting photos at every opportunity. Or you may want to use your creativity to enter the Caption Contest and write a clever caption for the featured photo. For that you don't even need a camera!

Everyone knows that we all need daily exercise, but there is now evidence we also need daily laughter as well. So, whether you're a participant or a spectator, you may want to bookmark this page to start your morning with a smile and brighten your day.

Win $20 twice a month for a funny photo.
Win $10 twice a month for a cute photo.
     New contests begin the 2nd and 17th of each month.

In Mar. & Sept. a winner (from the past 6 months) wins a bonus prize
     $200 for the best funny photo
     $100 for the best cute photo

Each month the best caption wins $20

"Most Exciting Photo Contest on the Web"

$2000 Worth of Prizes Annually (see below)*
           Current Contests, Oct. 2nd - Oct. 15th,
                       Next Contest, Oct 17th,
                                  NO entry fee
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